Lime in Building

A heritage building built with lime

Looking to get started? Learn the fundamentals of lime-based products, including its history and context, the importance of breathability for solid wall masonry, and how lime is used today.

Breathable Paints & Maintenance

Breathable paints with brushes and tins

Often seen first but thought about last, find out how paint can protect or improve a building’s performance and appearance, plus insights into maintenance avoiding common issues.

Insulating Bodmin Jail Hotel

Inside of Bodmin Jail

Discover the challenges, considerations, and products that transformed a ruinous and heavily saturated 18th-century prison into an award-winning luxury hotel and tourist destination.

Insulating Older Buildings

Lime pointing on a stonework building

Issues with damp or poor insulation can be costly and time-consuming, get practical guidance on the link between moisture management and thermal performance.