Paint Colour Matching

Get a custom-matched colour with all the benefits of a Beeck Mineral Paint, including natural ingredients, remarkable breathability and a stunning matte finish.

Our Paint Colour Matching Service

Not found the perfect colour from the existing Beeck Mineral Paint range? Get the colour you want with our Beeck Mineral Paint Colour Matching Service. Our colour matching service is available for the entire Beeck Mineral Paint range, including Beeck Maxil Pro Internal Mineral Paint, Beeck Renosil Coarse and Beeck Renosil Fine External Paint and the industrial strength ASF Beeckosil External Paint. Whatever you’re painting, our expert in-house team can help advise which Beeck Mineral Paint suits your project.

Preparation & Samples

Samples can be provided to us in-store or sent by mail. Samples can take various forms; the most effective is a wet sample provided as a minimum of 10ml of paint. However, we can also match flat dry samples or materials such as fabric or natural stone.

If providing a flat dry, painted sample, aim for a 148x105mm (A6) sample size. For wet samples, please provide a minimum sample of 10ml. For other samples, such as fabric or natural stone, see our more detailed guidance in the paint colour match form below.


Sending a sample by post? Download the form, fill it out, and send it in with your sample so we have all the necessary details to get started.

Cornish Lime Paint Colour Match Form

Our colour matching team will review the sample and create your custom colour recipe. All our colour matches are crafted and hand mixed in-house using Beeck Mineral Paint natural pigments, where we aim to keep within 95% accuracy of the original colour. Once your colour match is ready, a 100ml sample pot can be picked up in-store or sent to your chosen destination so you can experience the paint first-hand and confirm the colour.

Timelines & Pricing

An individual colour match is £20 plus VAT and postage and includes a 100ml sample pot for you to confirm the colour. Once approved, £15 of your colour matching fee will be applied to the paint order of your custom colour. Please let us know if several colour matches are required so we can provide an appropriate quote.

The lead time for a paint colour match is typically 5-7 days but may increase during peak periods, such as spring and summer. If an exact turnaround time is required, please let us know so we can see if we can accommodate your timeline.

Please note that we cannot offer refunds or exchange products custom-mixed to your requirements.

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