Mortar Matching

Replicate an existing mortar or render’s components, colour and texture for ideal performance and aesthetic match.

Our Mortar Matching Service

Mortar matching is a process which enables our clients to use a mortar which is as similar as possible to the original or existing material. At Cornish Lime we have an extensive range of mortars already made up, specifically selected for various regions of the UK, which fit a broad profile of the mortar samples we receive on a daily basis. For the odd sample that doesn’t fit one of our premade tablets we can create a special blend for job specific applications. These can be supplied as a wet blended sand for site mixing or as a premade dry mortar. We believe that premade dry mortars offer the best match possible as the binder and sands are batched by dry weight giving the most reproducible and consistent material possible.

We match mortars by blending our many sands and using specially selected graded aggregates to give colours, textures and finishes to match almost anything we receive. Large sample tablets can be created and delivered to clients with specific finishes applied to give the most realistic representation of the final product. Our colour matched mortars do not contain pigments unless specifically requested as ‘artificial’ colours fade over time which we feel is detrimental to the repair, renovation or consolidation taking place.


Sending a sample by post? Download the form, fill it out, and send it in with your sample so we have all the necessary details to get started.

Cornish Lime Mortar Matching Form

All of our mortar matches are created by our Chemist in our specially designed in-house laboratory.

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