Mortar Analysis

Identifying a mortar or render’s constituent components is a good first step to developing a suitable specification for repair or replacement. It is also often required by a conservation officer for listed building consent.

We offer several services to suit various requirements but are able to supply the following;

  • Identification of visible markers within the mortar which indicate specific characteristics
  • Binder type and degree of hydraulicity, if any
  • Mix proportions
  • Identification of the aggregate along with a grading
  • Macro-photography of the sample showing identifying features and for assisting with historical records
  • Identification of fibres or hair
  • Level of carbonation within a sample
  • Identification of soluble salts

All testing comes with a report detailing the findings of the work performed and, where appropriate, an interpretation of these findings.

Not all of the tests listed are often required and we prefer to talk through your specific needs before starting any works, this enables us to select the correct test methodologies keeping your costs down whilst delivering the benefit of exactly what you need with no extraneous information.