Custom Solutions

From idea to finished product, our team can design, develop & manufacture a bespoke solution that meets your unique requirements.

Our Custom Solution Service

A generic one size fits all approach simply does not always work due to the varying nature of the industry; one application may be for a city centre townhouse and the next for a historic masonry sea wall.

Custom Solutions are exactly as they sound; we create a new mortar or alter an existing mortar to suit specific properties or requirements. As our entire production process is on site, we have the ability to interchange, adapt and create new products with relative ease.

A lot of our custom products are designed to address specific applications or to overcome potentially difficult situations where conventional lime mortars could be unsuitable. A large majority of our custom blends have been so successful they become stock items under our Cornerstone Performance Range, such as the Remedial Render System and Harbour Mortar.

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