Horticultural Grit

A mixed grit contributing of predominantly silica with less than 0.5% limestone present. The grit is between 2 and 8mm in size, with the main body of the grit being around 5-6mm.

Key Benefits

  • Supports improved soil drainage
  • A blend of grit primarily composed of silica with a limestone content of less than 0.5%
  • Great for adding style to garden and outdoor spaces, including garden beds or flower pots
  • Available in mini or bulk bags



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Product Variations

Product OptionPrice (Ex VAT)
mini-bag: £2.68 £3.22 inc VAT
bulk-bag: £55.27 £66.32 inc VAT
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This grit is used to mix through earth and help improve heavy soils and make them more free draining. It can also be used for a decorative aggregate to mark out seed beds and cover soils in pots.


For mixing with soil, compost or for use as a decorative aggregate.

Each project is unique, always seek professional advice before undertaking a project.


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