Dashing Stone

A variety of coloured dashing for external renders.




5% discount on orders over £500 (Excluding Vat & Delivery). For larger projects visit our pricing page.

Product Variations

Product OptionPrice (Ex VAT)
White Marble 3-8mm: £10.90 Ex VAT. (£13.08 Inc VAT.)
Black and White 8mm: £9.39 Ex VAT. (£11.27 Inc VAT.)
Red and White 3-8mm: £9.57 Ex VAT. (£11.48 Inc VAT.)
Calcined Flint 3-8mm: £13.84 Ex VAT. (£16.61 Inc VAT.)
Brown and White 8mm: £8.85 Ex VAT. (£10.62 Inc VAT.)
Pink Multi-Flint 3-8mm: £10.18 Ex VAT. (£12.22 Inc VAT.)
Canterbury Spar Durite Grade 11: £10.54 Ex VAT. (£12.65 Inc VAT.)
Multicolour Spar 3-8mm: £9.31 Ex VAT. (£11.17 Inc VAT.)
Yellow Cream Quartz: £12.80 Ex VAT. (£15.36 Inc VAT.)
Red Granite 6mm: £8.56 Ex VAT. (£10.27 Inc VAT.)
Black 6mm: £8.95 Ex VAT. (£10.74 Inc VAT.)
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The dash we supply is specifically sized for pebble dashing or harling. Traditionally using a lime mortar, stone chippings, pebbles or shells would have been applied to the mortar providing a durable and weatherproof surface.

Comes in small bags of approximately 25kg. This product has been photographed in a wet condition. All aggregate images have been taken from the same height for comparison purposes.

Colour Comparison

Colours and textures can look different on a computer screen. We recommend viewing or purchasing a sample before ordering.

Large Images
Medium Images
Small Images
Price & Description & Images
Description & Images
Just Images
  • White Marble 3-8mm
  • Black and White 8mm
  • Red and White 3-8mm
  • Calcined Flint 3-8mm
  • Brown and White 8mm
  • Pink Multi-Flint 3-8mm
  • Canterbury Spar Durite Grade 11
  • Multicolour Spar 3-8mm
  • Yellow Cream Quartz
  • Red Granite 6mm
  • Black 6mm

Area of Use

Specifically sized for pebble dashing or harling. Also suitable for decorative purposes including plants, pots, paths etc.


Coverage for dashing is around 10kg per m2 so a 25kg bag will cover approximately 2.3m2, although this is variable depending on grading and required depth.

Each project is unique, always seek professional advice before undertaking a project.

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