Hot Mixed Mortar CLH28

Cornish Lime CLH28 is a light cream coarse ready-mixed hot mixed mortar. Convenient and easy to use, this hot mixed mortar is suitable for building & pointing, requiring only knocking up before application.

Key Benefits

  • Made with high-purity Cornish Lime Quicklime
  • Suitable for building & pointing
  • Free of colourants or pigments as well as silicones, acrylics or other harmful additives


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CLH28 hot mix mortar is made with high-purity Cornish Lime Quicklime. Naturally coloured, this light cream hot mix mortar is free of colourants or pigments as well as silicones, acrylics or other harmful additives. Available in one tonne bulk bags.


Internal or external use for building and pointing. However, please note this material cannot be applied directly to plasterboard or tanking materials.

CLH28 hot mix mortar is suitable for building or pointing and only requires knocking up prior to use. If the mix is too stiff for your desired application consistency, a small amount of water may be added but should be kept to a minimum to reduce the risk of plastic shrinkage cracking. If additional water is added, ensure to mix thoroughly until an even consistency is obtained.

Mix Ratio 1:1.75 on average – slaked lime : sand. CLH28 hot mix mortar is made using Cornish Lime lump quicklime, which gives lime inclusions through the mortar. As quicklime is somewhat variable in how well calcined it is, the mix ratio can be a little richer or leaner. However, it will always be above 1:2. For custom mix ratios, please get in touch with us.

Coverage as a building mortar will vary depending on joint size. However, a one-tonne bag will yield approximately half a cubic meter of mortar. Coverage for pointing will be relevant to the masonry units used; however, you will achieve approximately 40m2 per tonne bag on rubble masonry.

Please note mortar coverage will be variable, as uneven surfaces or unusual joint sizes can and will change consumption rates. Therefore, the above figures are provided for guidance purposes only.

Each project is unique, always seek professional advice before undertaking a project.

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