Cornerstone Tanking Render

A render and tanking treatment for internal areas in contact with water.


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Designed for internal applications where the presence of liquid water is constant, such as underground basements, Cornerstone Tanking Render acts as both render and tanking treatment and can be applied directly to the host masonry as two 10mm coats. Tanking Render can be used to inhibit salt movement in salt-laden masonry.


Conventional tanking treatments usually rely on chemical based slurries, which firstly require a cementitious mortar applied as a backing coat, followed by numerous applications of a tanking solution.
Cornerstone Tanking Render can be applied directly to the host masonry as two 10mm coats, acting as both a render and a tanking treatment.
Tanking Render is a fast setting material, where the two coats can be applied within 1 to 2 hours of each other.
Tanking Render is waterproof and resistant to sulphates.

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