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Cornerstone Remedial Render

Lime and Cement Render system for renovation of cement based mortars.



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Product OptionPrice (Ex VAT)
Bonding Coat: £19.25 Ex VAT. (£23.10 Inc VAT.)
Finishing Coat: £19.25 Ex VAT. (£23.10 Inc VAT.)
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The Cornerstone Remedial Render System is designed to be applied to a range of backgrounds, including existing renders and painted surfaces, making it the perfect system for renovation and repair. The system can also be used to address surface defects in render coatings, as well as a bridging coat between various materials, alterations or extensions.

Two/Three coat system; Coarse Bonding Coat to ensure adhesion to the substrate and for any further coarse coats to provide depth and a Fine Finishing Coat.

Designed to set and maintain a low compressive strength, enabling its use on numerous backgrounds. The system achieves a high level of vapour permeability, improved workability, high flexibility and an extended open time to aid finishing. The Remedial Render also contains water repellents making it suitable for use in exposed conditions. As the system is manufactured with predominately lime binders it has a dramatically reduced carbon content when compared to market alternatives.

This product is not designed for heritage conservation, if you are unsure about suitable applications please contact us for more information


  • Quality controlled production.
  • Low strength and high flexibility.
  • Can cover numerous materials and backgrounds.
  • Water repellent, suitable for use in exposed environments.
  • Consistency of mix ratio and working additions.
  • Improved workability of mortar, extended working and finishing time and reduced risk of shrinkage.
  • Lower embodied carbon content compared to market alternatives.

Area of Use

For newbuild applications.

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