Cornerstone Newbuild

Attractive, flexible, low carbon lime based mortars and render for modern construction.




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Product Variations

Product OptionPrice (Ex VAT)
coarse: £10.95 Ex VAT. (£13.14 Inc VAT.)
fine: £10.95 Ex VAT. (£13.14 Inc VAT.)
25 kg
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Cornerstones Newbuild range offers all of the benefits of lime including vapour permeability, improved workability and flexibility, whilst retaining the higher strength associated with modern mortars and renders.

The Cornerstone Newbuild range is an environmentally friendly alternative when compared with conventional mortars used in modern construction. With 50% less embodied carbon than a sand and cement mortar and the ability to absorb 30kg of CO2 for every tonne used, or the equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by a young tree over 3 years.

The Cornerstone Newbuild range can be directly applied to concrete, cement, brick and block. Designed as a mortar and render, the Newbuild range can be used for all manner of construction applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Vapour open, promoting moisture movement from the building fabric.
  • Highly flexible with low modulus of elasticity.
  • Highly workable, with all of the benefits of lime.
  • Can accommodate considerably more movement than cement renders.
  • Can accommodate heat and regulate humidity.
  • Reduced risk of shrinkage and cracking.
  • Colour is derived from the sand, so no pigment additions.
  • Suitable for high suction backgrounds.

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