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Cornerstone Marine Mix Mortar

Mortar designed for use in tidal zones and similar applications with regular contact with water.



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coarse: £13.58 Ex VAT. (£16.30 Inc VAT.)
fine: £13.58 Ex VAT. (£16.30 Inc VAT.)
25 kg
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Designed for use in tidal zones and similar applications where the substrate may be submerged or in regular contact with water, especially work constrained by tidal zones, Cornerstone Marine Mix offers an accelerated setting time whilst maintaining all of the virtues of a pure NHL mortar.

The improved set is derived from the addition of Prompt which offers the security of a false set and does not compromise or alter the mechanical properties of the NHL designation. Whilst the mortar undertakes a false set to offer security, the NHL still requires full hydration and adequate care of the mortar is still required.


Cornerstone Marine Mix is made-to-order, with an estimated lead time of up to five working days.

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