Cornerstone Harbour Mix Mortar

Fast setting and durable mortar for aggressive marine environments.


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Similar to the Marine Mortar but completely waterproof and resistant to sulphates, Cornerstone Harbour Mix provides a fast setting, extremely durable mortar for the most aggressive marine environments. Both Marine Mix and Harbour Mix will set underwater.

While it can be used in numerous applications where a quick set is required, we have designed it for use around more aggressive marine environments, where a faster set is desirable working within the tidal window, to help prevent wash out or tidal scouring.

It is supplied as a dry ready to use (add water) Factory blended mortar using kiln dried coarse sand and Prompt, combined with carefully selected additives to provide a longer open time for the mortar. With reduced shrinkage and a high degree of durability whilst maintaining good workability, along with many of the virtues of an eminently hydraulic lime mortar.

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