Cornerstone Drymix

Multi-purpose Lime Mortar & Render for Pointing, Rendering and general building work.

Made with Natural Hydraulic Lime and selected sands to make a high performance, fully breathable NHL mortar, ideal for restoration and conservation work.




5% discount on orders over £500 (Excluding Vat & Delivery). For larger projects visit our pricing page.

Product Variations

Product OptionPrice (Ex VAT)
coarse-fibred / nhl2: £10.25 Ex VAT. (£12.30 Inc VAT.)
coarse-fibred / nhl3-5: £10.25 Ex VAT. (£12.30 Inc VAT.)
coarse / nhl2: £9.65 Ex VAT. (£11.58 Inc VAT.)
coarse / nhl3-5: £9.65 Ex VAT. (£11.58 Inc VAT.)
fine / nhl2: £9.65 Ex VAT. (£11.58 Inc VAT.)
fine / nhl3-5: £9.65 Ex VAT. (£11.58 Inc VAT.)
25 kg
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Cornerstone’s general purpose range of Lime mortars and renders, with St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime and selected sands to make a high performance, fully breathable NHL mortar.

Through the controlled addition of work aids, the Cornerstone Drymix range has been formulated to give improved workability, reduced risk of shrinkage and reduced water requirements.

Cornerstone’s Drymix mortars are batch blended for consistency, are naturally coloured with no pigment addition, and are available in a range of sands (CLD30 Coarse & CLD35 Fine), mix ratios (1:3 & 2:5) and binder strengths (NHL2 & NHL3.5) to give the desired finish, natural colour and mortar properties.

Finish: Drymix is available in three finishes. Coarse mortars (CLD30) are made with a coarse 5mm down sand, most commonly used for base coat applications. Coarse Fibred mortars (CLD30F) have the addition of polypropylene fibres which can help mitigate against cracking and shrinkage. Fine mortars (CLD35) are made with a fine 2mm down sand which can be applied thinner and are most commonly chosen for their fine finishes.

Binder: Drymix is available in two different binder strengths. NHL2’s are softer and more suitable for sheltered and internal work. NHL3’5’s are slightly harder and are more suited for external applications.

Mix Ratio: Drymix is made at a mix ratio of 2:5 (2 parts lime to 5 parts sand)a lime rich mix which is suitable for a wide range of applications including; building, pointing and rendering.

Product is palletised for ease of storage, handling and warehousing and packaged in colour-coded and batch-coded 25Kg bags for ease of use and easy identification on site.

Products shown below are available ex-stock; should you require a sand or colour blend other than those below, please contact us to discuss so we can make it to order accordingly.

Area of Use

Building Mortars Renders and Plasters

Used In Conjunction With

Can be applied over a 'stronger' existing render, lath, render board, stone or other backgrounds.


Cornerstone Drymix can be mixed with water to make a fully functional lime mortar.

Each project is unique, always seek professional advice before undertaking a project.

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