Coarse Putty Mortars

Premixed natural lime mortars  for pointing, base coat renders and coarse renders.

Ready for application. made with Mature Lime Putty and selected coarse sands




5% discount on orders over £500 (Excluding Vat & Delivery). For larger projects visit our pricing page.

Product Variations

Product OptionPrice (Ex VAT)
CLM28 / mini-bag: £6.00 Ex VAT. (£7.20 Inc VAT.)
CLM28 / bulk-bag: £182.00 Ex VAT. (£218.40 Inc VAT.)
CLM28 With Fibres / mini-bag: £6.30 Ex VAT. (£7.56 Inc VAT.)
CLM28 With Fibres / bulk-bag: £198.00 Ex VAT. (£237.60 Inc VAT.)
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Made by Cornish Lime using our Mature Lime Putty with coarse sands from our extensive stock range. Available in a mini bag nominal weight or polythene lined bulk bag. Our stock coarse putty mortars are CLM28 and CLM28 with fibre additions.

We won’t supply ready mixed haired mortars/renders as lime is a highly alkaline product and research has proven that this can very quickly degrade the hair. We only advocate the addition of hair immediately prior to the material being applied.

Non Stock Mortars

We can supply a wide range of premixed mortars, but because they can seperate if stored for long periods of time we only hold our bestselling mortars in stock. For non-stock mortars a half tonne minimum order is required, and price will vary depending on order quantity.

For comparison we have listed a selection of mortars made from currently available sands. Please get in touch on 01208 79779 if you are interested in finding out more.

Our current non-stock coarse mortars are: CLM11, CLM17, CLM24, CLM26, CLM27, CLM34, CLM48, CLM70, CLM74, CLM80, CLM90, CLM102.

Colour Comparison

Colours and textures can look different on a computer screen. We recommend viewing or purchasing a sample before ordering.

Large Images
Medium Images
Small Images
Price & Description & Images
Description & Images
Just Images
  • CLM28

    CLM28 Ready Mixed Coarse Mortar. Our go-to coarse putty mortar, made using Cornish Lime’s Mature Lime Putty and premium CLS28 coarse (5mm down) washed yellow flint sand to give a buff or beige finish. Excellent for building, base coats/coarse renders and pointing. Supplied in 1 Tonne bulk bags.

    mini-bag: £6.00 Ex VAT. (£7.20 Inc VAT.)View More
    bulk-bag: £182.00 Ex VAT. (£218.40 Inc VAT.)View More
  • CLM28 With Fibres

    CLM28 Ready Mixed Coarse mortar with polypropylene fibres. An excellent basecoat for backgrounds requiring fibre reinforcement, such as lath and cob. Made using Cornish Lime’s Mature Lime Putty and premium CLS28 coarse (5mm down) washed yellow flint sand, with alkali resistant fibres. Supplied in 1 Tonne bulk bags.

    mini-bag: £6.30 Ex VAT. (£7.56 Inc VAT.)View More
    bulk-bag: £198.00 Ex VAT. (£237.60 Inc VAT.)View More
  • CLM11Mortar Sample - CLM11
  • CLM17Mortar Sample - CLM17
  • CLM24Mortar Sample - CLM24
  • CLM26Mortar Sample - CLM26
  • CLM27Mortar Sample - CLM27
  • CLM28
  • CLM34Mortar Sample - CLM34
  • CLM48Mortar Sample - CLM48
  • CLM70Mortar Sample - CLM70
  • CLM74Mortar Sample - CLM74
  • CLM80Mortar Sample - CLM80
  • CLM90Mortar Sample - CLM90
  • CLM102Mortar Sample - CLM102

Area of Use

Our coarse mortars are made with a selection of coarse sands with properities that suit being used in a mortar. Coarse mortars can be used as base coat renders or plasters and are suitable for a range of other applications such as pointing and bedding internally or externally.

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