Prompt Natural Cement

Fast setting, waterproof, salt-water resistant and completely natural cement.


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Prompt is a very simple material which boasts some impressive credentials, ideally suited for marine applications, rapid-set masonry and as a replacement for Roman Cement. Prompt can also be gauged with Natural Hydraulic Limes to provide an early false set to protect the mortar as it cures.

Prompt a completely natural and incredibly fast setting cement, controllable from just ninety seconds to one hour. It is waterproof and approved for use with drinking water, can be mixed with sea water and is resistant to chemicals, acids and alkalis, and has an exceptional shelf life.

Prompt is produced by Vicat, established in 1853 and one of the largest cement producers in France. Cornish Lime is the national distributor for Prompt.

Area of Use

Prompt Natural Cement can be used for Rapid Masonry; Restoration and Decoration, repairing stonework, acting as a render or creating mouldings and facades; water and sanitation, providing a controlable set underwater; and use in eco construction.

Used In Conjunction With

The setting time of Prompt can be controled by the addition of Tempo, the sister product. The controled addition of tempo will increase how long the mix takes to set, giving more time to work with the cement. One tub of Tempo is suitable for one bag of Prompt, and in standard conditions, at 20 degrees celcius, will increase the setting time from 2 minutes to 20 minutes.

  • Vicat Tempo
    Adjusts the setting time for Prompt Natural Cement. Adjustable from 90 seconds up to an hour depe...


Prompt has a huge range of uses, therefore application will vary between applications. A range of articles (below) have been produced to give specific information for different applications.

Each project is unique, always seek professional advice before undertaking a project.

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