Walling Mortar

A dry ready mixed mortar sold as “Non-Specific” NHL, competitively priced to sell quickly.

Our Walling mortar is ideal in applications where specific binder strength and mix ratio aren't required and the colour or appearance aren't sensitive or aesthetically important.


£4.60 Ex VAT. (£5.52 Inc VAT.)

5% discount on orders over £500 (Excluding Vat & Delivery). For larger projects visit our pricing page.

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25 kg
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As part of our day to day production we remove the first two bags from each batch as a control measure despite a thorough clean between mixes. We mix this excess mortar together to form our 25kg Walling Mortar bags.

Our extensive range of Cornerstone mortars will never be made at a mix ratio of less than 1:3, and even if they were the 1st 2 bags removed would not be eligible for selection as a Walling Mortar.  While we might have no idea as to exactly what the binder sand ratio will be, we can absolutely guarantee that it will not be less than 1:3 and in all likelihood not less than 2:5, as often we include damaged bags of NHL 2 or 3.5 allowing us appropriate housekeeping measures and to ensure the performance of the mortar.

The biggest variation to be found in Walling mortar would only ever be from the sands used and as such it will be supplied on the understanding that it is a one-off mix of (Non-Specific NHL and) Non-Specific sand used, never to be repeated.  Hence the term Walling Mortar on the assumption that it should not be used where the colour or appearance are sensitive or aesthetically important.