Limewash 10L

This Pure non-Hydraulic Limewash is made straight from high calcium CL90 quicklime. It gives excellent coverage, a brilliant rich finish and can hold mineral pigments extremely well. It contains no acrylics or polymers like some others on the market.

This Pure Limewash gives maximum coverage, a brilliant rich finish and can hold mineral pigments extremely well.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent permeability allowing the building fabric to breathe
  • Traditional and inexpensive coating to protect render, plasterwork and masonry
  • When applied without pigments it results in a brilliant white finish due to the purity of lime
  • Contains no toxic compounds or solvents
  • Holds pigments exceptionally well giving greater quality to colours
  • Available in 24 ready-mixed colours (using only traditional mineral pigments)
  • It remains attractive as it gradually ages




5% discount on orders over £500 (Excluding Vat & Delivery). For larger projects visit our pricing page.

Product Variations

Product OptionPrice (Ex VAT)
White: £10.60 Ex VAT. (£12.72 Inc VAT.)
Coloured: £27.16 Ex VAT. (£32.59 Inc VAT.)
11 kg
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Available in 24 historical colours (which can be used as concentrates to produce more delicate colours) and white. Colour swatches available upon request. Remains attractive as it gradually ages.

Area of Use

Can be applied internally or externally. Not recommended for application in exposed external locations.


Applied by brush or roller. See our Limewash application guide for detailed instructions.

Each project is unique, always seek professional advice before undertaking a project.

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