Limewash 10L

This traditional favourite is a pure, non-hydraulic limewash made of high calcium quicklime for a breathable and brilliant rich finish.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent permeability allowing the building fabric to breathe
  • Made with high-calcium quicklime and natural ingredients
  • Free from silicones, polymers, acrylics and other harmful additives
  • Traditional and budget-friendly for the protection of lime render, lime plaster and traditional masonry types
  • Provides either a brilliant white finish or a rich pigmented colour due to the purity of lime
  • Features a natural chalky ultra-matte finish
  • Remains attractive as it gradually ages



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Product Variations

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Coloured: £18.17 £21.80 inc VAT
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A time-honoured interior and exterior coating, limewash is a classic choice to decorate, preserve and protect walls from the elements. While not a paint in the modern sense, the nuanced texture and soft natural finish have made limewash a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary buildings. Available in 10L containers.

Made straight from high calcium CL90 quicklime, this range of limewash provides excellent coverage, a brilliant, rich finish and a nuanced matte finish that brings depth and texture to walls and ceilings.


Coloured Limewash is made-to-order, with an estimated lead time up to seven working days. Our white limewash is held in stock and ready to order. Please note that colours represented online are indicative.

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Suitable for internal and external use. Not recommended for external facades in areas heavily exposed to the elements. Suitable for lime mortar, lime render, lime plaster, gypsum plaster, plasterboard, concrete, decorating paper, bricks, blocks, natural stone, and low-traffic timber. Always test the application on your background to ensure the product will adhere sufficiently.

Application is advised with a high-quality brush or airless sprayer. Coverage is approximately 4-6m² but will vary depending on the background surface, suction and application method. Ensure your background surface is clean and free of debris before application. Background preparation will vary depending on the substrate; ensure the area is adequately dampened for porous or absorbent backgrounds. Cornish Lime Limewash is ready to use; mix thoroughly to achieve a consistent mix. See the datasheet for further details on adding water for high-suction backgrounds or spray applications.

After application, limewash should be kept damp to promote carbonation. Ensure protection from adverse environmental conditions, including frost, rain, direct sunlight and drying winds, is used after application. Avoid rapid drying and lightly mist the limewash with water if required, but do not saturate. We have a range of hessian sheeting available as full rolls or per metre. Do not use in temperatures below 5°C or above 30°C.

For detailed application guidance, please refer to the datasheet before use. For additional support, see our helpful guide How to Successfully Apply Limewash to get you started.

Each project is unique, always seek professional advice before undertaking a project.

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There is no need to prime before applying limewash; however, we recommend dampening the surface with water beforehand, especially for porous backgrounds, as this helps with suction.

No, a pure limewash can not be applied over other paints. Limewash can only be applied over an absorbent mineral background, for example, lime renders, lime plasters or stone.

The number of coats of limewash required will vary depending on the absorbency of the background and the desired finish. Limewash is built-up in thin layers, so the more layers, the more uniform the colour and the more durable the finish. Further, we recommend using several coats when painting on an absorbent or porous surface.

The longevity of limewash will depend on several factors, including the exposure of the building if used externally or the use of the room when used internally, plus the number of coats applied. Multiple coats can improve the durability and longevity of the finish. In addition, more exposed locations will require additional coats to be re-applied more often; it’s not uncommon to see redecoration from six to eighteen months for severely exposed areas.

Limewash and whitewash are terms often used interchangeably and can often mean the same thing. On occasion, the term whitewash can be used to describe masonry paint, which has been watered down to achieve a ‘washed’ textured effect. However, this is not genuine limewash and will not have the same qualities that a limewash would.

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