Earthborn Claypaint

Virtually VOC free, oil and odour free this breathable paint is suitable for all interior settings and has great coverage.




Please type the name of your chosen colour in the box (Eg: Marbles). If you are unsure, or would like a custom colour mixed, please leave it blank and we will contact you. Scroll down to download an indicative Earthborn colour chart.

5% discount on orders over £500 (Excluding Vat & Delivery). For larger projects visit our pricing page.

Product Variations

Product OptionPrice (Ex VAT)
0.1 Litre Sample / White: £4.42 Ex VAT. (£5.30 Inc VAT.)
0.1 Litre Sample / Coloured: £4.42 Ex VAT. (£5.30 Inc VAT.)
2.5 Litre / White: £39.20 Ex VAT. (£47.04 Inc VAT.)
2.5 Litre / Coloured: £39.20 Ex VAT. (£47.04 Inc VAT.)
5 Litre / White: £68.35 Ex VAT. (£82.02 Inc VAT.)
5 Litre / Coloured: £68.35 Ex VAT. (£82.02 Inc VAT.)
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Earthborn Claypaint reduces dust and allergen build-up. It is also easy to apply, hardwearing and has great covering power. Distinctive style – virtually VOC free, acrylic free, totally oil free. Certified free of harmful emissions and odour free. Highly breathable, creating a more comfortable living environment – minimises condensation, deters mildew. Static resistant. Can benefit allergy and asthma sufferers.

Easy to apply, hardwearing, great covering power. Earthborn claypaint is available in both traditional and contemporary shades. Please contact us if you would like to receive a colour card.

Area of Use

Suitable for: All interior settings, including kitchens, bathrooms and nurseries, older properties with potential damp problems, newly plastered walls and ceilings, hiding hairline cracks, interior masonry or timber, lime substrates.

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