Beeck SP Plus

A highly breathable and hard-wearing clear water-repellent coating for external mineral facades, including lime render, natural stone and porous brick.

Key Benefits

  • Colourless and transparent
  • Alkaline-resistant for long-term preservation of lime or cement renders
  • Ideal natural stone, porous brick or Beeck ASF® Active Silicate Formulations
  • Protects against moisture and building material corrosion
  • Prevents the activation and capillary transport of structurally damaging salts and discolouring ingredients
  • Promotes enhanced thermal insulation and diminishes algae growth by preventing moisture in the building fabric
  • Available in two sizes



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Product Variations

Product OptionPrice (Ex VAT)
5l: £92.00 £110.40 inc VAT
10l: £174.00 £208.80 inc VAT
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Used extensively throughout the UK and Europe for external mineral facades, Beeck SP Plus is a hydrophobic (water-repelling) treatment that protects against capillary water absorption from penetrating rain, spraying or humidity.

Colourless and transparent, this treatment acts as a lining of the substrate’s pores, inducing a deep-action water repellency that forces water to shed from the substrate rather than being absorbed, all whilst maintaining the vapour permeability that solid walled buildings require.

Further, by protecting against water absorption, Beeck SP Plus helps promote improved thermal comfort and resiliency against water-induced building material corrosion, contaminant input and soiling. Available in two sizes, 5L and 10L.

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Suitable for external use on facades on vertical absorbent mineral surfaces, including lime render, cement render, natural stone, porous unglazed brick, calcium silicate masonry, aerated concrete, fibrated cement or glass blocks. Advised for professional commercial users only.

Ensure your background surface is stable, clean, free of debris and dry before application. Background preparation and recommended application guidance will vary depending on the substrate. Read all available documentation before use.

If working with bare lime or cement render, applying Beeck Etching Fluid before Beeck SP Plus can improve the chemical bond between the treatment and the substrate by cleaning and removing excess binder from the substrate surface.

If applying to new active silicate-based coatings, such as Beeck Beeckosil ASF Fine, wait 10 days before application.

After application, always protect Beeck SP Plus from environmental conditions, including damp, rain and frost, with appropriate sheeting for 24 hours. Before starting, always try on a small test area.

Coverage is approximately 0.25 – 0.8 L / m² but will vary depending on the background surface, suction and application method. As an estimate, we work on a coverage rate of 0.5 litres per m2. Apply on a test area to estimate the coverage relevant to your project.

Do not use in temperatures below 3°C or above 25°C, or in adverse environmental conditions, including frost, rain, or blazing direct sunlight.

Deterioration of surface hydrophobicity, or water repellency, is expected over time due to natural surface degradation, facade weathering and contaminant infiltration. An additional application after 15 years may be required. However, harsher environmental conditions can reduce this estimated time.

Always read the available datasheets and guidance before use.

Each project is unique, always seek professional advice before undertaking a project.

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