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Beeck SP Plus

Highly breathable and hard wearing clear hydrophobing (water repellent) coating for absorbent mineral surfaces, such as lime render and porous natural stone.



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5l: £92.00 Ex VAT. (£110.40 Inc VAT.)
10l: £174.00 Ex VAT. (£208.80 Inc VAT.)
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Beeck SP Plus is is a highly alkaline-resistant external treatment for the long term preservation of mineral substrates, such as natural stone, concrete, lime render and porous brick.

SP Plus provides protection against penetrating rain and humidity and has been used extensively throughout the UK and Europe. It is a hydrophobic treatment that is driven into the pore structure of the surface and forces water to shed from the substrate rather than being absorbed, whilst maintaining excellent vapour permeability.

Area of Use

SP Plus is recomended for use externally onto natural stone, concrete, lime render and porous brick. It can also be used as a subsequent treatment over existing silicate coatings.


We recommend reading the SP Plus application guide and the product data sheet before use.

Each project is unique, always seek professional advice before undertaking a project.

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