Beeck Fixative

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Effectively prepare mineral surfaces for Beeck Mineral Paints with this versatile primer and consolidator. Doubles as a high-quality thinner for Beeckosil External ASF Paint.



Beeck Fixative is a helpful multi-purpose solution that serves as a primer and consolidator for mineral surfaces or as a thinner for Beeck Mineral Paints. Designed to support increased durability and protection against weathering, this product enhances the bond between the background mineral surface and Beeck Mineral Paints, ensuring a long-lasting and attractive finish. Available in two sizes, 1kg and 5kg.

As part of the Beeck Mineral Paint system, it can be used as a preparatory or pre-treatment step for challenging substrates that require additional priming and consolidating and for an improved chemical bond with Beeck Mineral Paints. Beeck Fixative will bind with the available silica present on the substrate and help prevent further deterioration.
Colourless and transparent, it can also double as a thinner for Beeck Beeckosil External ASF Paint, enabling a more manageable application while supporting a stronger chemical bond between paint and surface.

Please note that colours represented online are indicative. We recommend purchasing a sample pot and experiencing the paint first-hand before making a final selection.

  • Made from pure mineral potassium waterglass
  • Colourless and transparent
  • Remarkable vapour permeability
  • Ideal for lime plaster and pointing to prevent dusting
  • Can assist with some challenging substrates or fragile surfaces
  • Free from solvents, biocides and preservatives
  • Doubles as a thinner for select Beeck Mineral Paints
  • Promotes a strong adhesion to the substrate

Suitable for internal and external applications with absorbent mineral surfaces, such as fresh lime render or plaster, cement render or plaster and limewashed surfaces.

For areas with minor imperfections, unevenness, or hairline cracks, Beeck Quartz Filler can be used prior to applying Beeck Fixative. For fresh lime or lime-cement renders with binder deposits or existing renders with sinter skin layers, Beeck Etching Fluid can be used as a pre-treatment or preparatory step for removal.

Approx. 0.04 kg / m² on a smooth substrate for priming, when thinned with 2 parts water. Apply on a test area to estimate the coverage relevant to your project. Ensure your background surface is water-wettable, stable, clean and free of debris, efflorescent and separable substances before application. Background preparation and recommended application guidance will vary depending on the substrate. Read all available documentation before use.

Beeck Fixative will require dilution with clean potable water before application. Background preparation, level of dilution and recommended application guidance will vary depending on the substrate. Generally speaking, for application as a primer or consolidator, dilute 1 part of Beeck Fixative into 2 parts clean potable water. See the available documentation for further information and guidance.

If using Fixative to think Beeck Mineral Paint please refer to the individual paints specific technical data sheet for specific dilution rates. After application, always protect Beeck Fixative from environmental conditions, including damp, rain and frost, with appropriate sheeting. Before starting, always try on a small test area. Always read the available datasheets and guidance before use.

See the Technical Data and Documentation section for more detailed product information, application guidance and datasheets. Always read the available datasheets and guidance before use. Each project is unique; always seek professional advice before undertaking a project.

Always read the available datasheets and documentation before use.

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