Breathable Paints

Breathable paints for both historic and contemporary construction, including Beeck Mineral Paints, Earthborn Clay Paints, Lime Paints and Limewashes.
A breathable paint is one that allows moisture to travel through its surface. Conventional or modern coatings are usually based on a chemical formula that results in a film like coating that is designed to prevent the movement of moisture. In historic construction it is vital to ensure that the fabric is vapour open and no moisture is able to become trapped and allowed to build up, leading to moisture related issues such as damp.

Whilst breathable paints are critical for older buildings, they also play an important role within contemporary construction. Breathable paints are usually derived from naturally sourced materials with low or no chemical additions, resulting in a coating that is healthy for both the internal environment, the user and the occupier. When used, internally breathable paints help control and regulate the internal climate of rooms.

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