Trass is a pozzolan that can be added to mortars to reduce capillarity without impacting too much on vapour permeability.

Key Benefits

  • R.B.D. 1000 Kg/m3
  • Good resistance in salt laden environment
  • Lowers capillarity without impacting too much on vapour permeability
  • Medium pozzolanic index


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Trass is a natural pozzolan that has seen widespread use throughout northern Europe for hundreds of years, creamy beige in colour it’s a well-known Pozzolan derived from volcanic tuffs sourced from the Rhine Valley in Germany. Similar to the volcanic pumices and tuffs from Pozzuoli, the material established by the Romans.

Pure Trass produced in accordance with DIN 51043. Available in 40 kg bags.

Used In Conjunction With


The addition rate in lime mortars is advised at 10 to 20% by volume of the binder.

Each project is unique, always seek professional advice before undertaking a project.

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