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Red Brick Dust

Red crushed brick dust is typically a very weak pozzolan, however it does act as a porous particulate. Brick Dust is also used as a colourant for mortars.


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Although we stock brick dust we could not advise our customers with any degree of certainty as to its pozzolanic index, our suppliers seldom know this because they produce it for a different market. Many bricks are fired at the wrong temperature to create the reactive elements for an effective pozzolan.

For Cornish Lime the main use of brick dust would be as a pigment or porous particulate as a means of aiding carbonation, which can yield a more permeable mortar. However, and as a note of caution, the addition of inert materials such as brick dusts or other powdered materials can often cause more problems than they solve, owing to the relatively large surface area of such fine materials creating a greater water demand in the mix.

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