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Siniat Prestia Casting Plaster

Prestia Casting Plaster is a fine white easy-to-mix plaster of Paris produced from high-purity natural gypsum.

Key Benefits

  • High-purity natural gypsum
  • Quick setting time
  • Easy to use


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25 kg
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Prestia Casting Plaster is ideal for decorative plasterwork and fibrous moulding work requiring a short setting time. Available in 25kg bags.

An authentic Plaster of Paris, Prestia Casting Plaster is quarried and calcined in the Paris region of France. Conforms to EN13279-1 Building Plasters Standard.

For storage, keep pallets shrink-wrapped before use. Individual bags should avoid direct contact with the ground and remain protected from water, moisture or other contamination. Shelf life is six months from the manufacture date.

Area of Use

Internal use.


Suitable as an additive or for general casting and decorative plasterwork, including mouldings. Suitable for casting into silicone, latex, plastic, fibreglass and vinyl moulds.

Each project is unique, always seek professional advice before undertaking a project.

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