Fibreglass mesh used as a reinforcing material for all kinds of applications.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Risk of Cracking - High tensile strength and low elongation.
  • Suitable for Lime Mortars - Alkaline resistant layer for working with lime.
  • High Quality - Recognised brand & tested inhouse.




5% discount on orders over £500 (Excluding Vat & Delivery). For larger projects visit our pricing page.

Product Variations

Product OptionPrice (Ex VAT)
3.5 x 3.8mm (Interior) / 50-meter-roll: £42.04 Ex VAT. (£50.45 Inc VAT.)
9 x 10mm (Interior) / per-meter-add-required: £1.49 Ex VAT. (£1.79 Inc VAT.)
9 x 10mm (Interior) / 50-meter-roll: £59.34 Ex VAT. (£71.21 Inc VAT.)
10 x 10mm (Interior) / 50-meter-roll: £49.68 Ex VAT. (£59.62 Inc VAT.)
19 x 19mm (Exterior) / per-meter-add-required: £2.14 Ex VAT. (£2.57 Inc VAT.)
19 x 19mm (Exterior) / 50-meter-roll: £94.77 Ex VAT. (£113.72 Inc VAT.)
25 x 25mm (Exterior) / per-meter-add-required: £1.73 Ex VAT. (£2.08 Inc VAT.)
25 x 25mm (Exterior) / 50-meter-roll: £70.05 Ex VAT. (£84.06 Inc VAT.)
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Plasterers meshes suitable for a wide range of applications within the context of building conservation, as well as contemporary plaster/render needs.

Glass fibre mesh fabrics are not only an important part of façade systems, but also interior plastering, because they prevent cracks and reduce the risk of mechanical damage to the surface. They are woven in what is called a Leno weave (a weave in which two warp yarns are twisted around the weft yarns to provide a strong yet sheer fabric) and typically referred to as meshes. The meshes are coated with an alkali resistant layer to protect the mesh during drying of the render.

Mesh fabrics are an effective, customized solution for the prevention of cracks that form in render which are induced by construction techniques, temperature changes and curing stresses. They can also be used for a wide range of repair applications, for example to bridge / cover any existing damage to wall surface.

While using mesh will mitigate many of the core issues to provide durable and appropriate renders, they do not negate the need for best practice such as good curing.

Cornish Lime have witnessed the evolution in this market over the years and having reviewed and trialled many different types of mesh decided to stock the ADFORS VERTEX® range from Europe’s leading manufacturer and processor of glass fibre yarns, who are part of the Saint-Gobain group, the world’s largest provider of materials and construction technologies.

While we acknowledge there will be cheaper alternatives, we always aim to supply quality products and having diligently researched manufacturers we are very satisfied that the ADFORS VERTEX® meshes provide us with that peace of mind at competitive prices. After all, why compromise with a budget material which begs the question of why bother at all? Our range provides you with cost options to suit specific applications. With high quality mesh you get ease of application, proven strength, cohesion and long-lasting crack resistance and mitigation with as high as a 60% reduction in cracking against no mesh.

Area of Use

Widely used to reinforce walls, roofs, flooring and wherever insulation board is installed. It can also be used to reinforce cement, plaster, bitumen, plastics, marble and mosaic. Meshes are especially useful on high suction substrates such as Cob, Chalk, Brick and Rubble Walls. They also have a proven performance when used on wood wool boards.