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Our own range of fine fillers for filling small holes and cracks while retaining breathability.


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We have developed our Fine Surface Filler and Fine Putty Filler to fill small cracks in walls that have been plastered with a lime plaster. Each of the fillers will retain the breathability of the wall and not prevent moisture movement.

The Fine Surface Filler comes as a powder which requires mixing up with water. It is suitable for use on most backgrounds. The Fine Putty Filler comes ready to use and is a softer material. It has been developed particularly for use filling deformations in walls that have been plastered with a fine putty mortar.

  • Ideal for filling tiny holes and cracks without compromising breathability and allowing for moisture movement
  • Ideal for lime renders and plasters
  • No synthetic pigments
  • Available in two types

See the Technical Data and Documentation section for more detailed product information, application guidance and datasheets. Always read the available datasheets and guidance before use. Each project is unique; always seek professional advice before undertaking a project.

Always read the available datasheets and documentation before use.

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We always advise using a breathable lime-based filler for lime-rendered walls. We stock two lime fillers; the first is the Fine Surface Filler, a hydraulic, fast-setting, light tan filler that requires the addition of water before application. The second is the Putty Fine Surface Filler, a softer non-hydraulic, slow-setting, white filler that can be used directly from the container. Both can be used on lime-plastered walls, although beginners may find the Putty Fine Surface Filler easier to work with.

Filling minor cracks, holes or imperfections in lime-plastered walls only requires a few steps. Generally speaking, this will include preparing the area, including removing any dust or debris, lightly dampening the area if your background is highly absorbent, and using a flat tool, such as a trowel, to apply and press the filler. Like lime plaster, lime-based fillers will require aftercare. Always follow the application guidance of the specific product you select to use. See our range of lime plastering and rendering tools, including trowels of various sizes.

Generally, lime fillers can be painted just like other common household fillers. However, lime is alkaline and will remain so for at least a month or longer, which means certain paints will require the filler to reach carbonation before they are applied. Check the application guidance for your chosen product to ensure the filler has had a chance to carbonate before you paint.