CELENIT L3AB/A2 Insulation Board

CELENIT L3AB/A2 composite wood wool thermal and acoustic insulation boards are high-quality render carrier boards for improved insulation and sound absorption. Available in 2000 x 600mm in 35 mm, 50mm and 75mm thicknesses.

Key Benefits

  • Vapour open
  • Moisture/vapour can transfer through the entire panel (much lower risk of interstitial condensation compared with other systems)
  • Natural sound absorbers
  • No staining or efflorescence when plastered
  • Waterproof, damp proof and frost resistant
  • Resistant to biological degradation
  • Fire resistant, an A2:Non-combustible material. No noticeable contribution to fire
  • Made from natural materials
  • Wood wool is self draining, so water will not absorb through the board



5% discount on orders over £500 (Excluding Vat & Delivery). For larger projects visit our pricing page.

Product Variations

Product OptionPrice (Ex VAT)
35mm: £41.75 £50.10 inc VAT
50mm: £47.00 £56.40 inc VAT
75mm: £62.50 £75.00 inc VAT
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CELENIT L3AB/A2 boards are available in 2000 x 600mm in 35 mm, 50mm and 75mm thicknesses. Larger sizes are available upon request, a minimum order quantity may apply.

Made with mineralised thin fir wood wool bound with white Portland cement and mineral powder, coupled to an internal layer of high-density mineral wool according to EN 13162 standard.

The L3AB/A2 are vapour open and will not restrict moisture transfer whilst significantly improving thermal performance (R Value 35mm – 0.75, R Value 50mm – 1.15, R Value 75mm – 1.8).

The L3AB/A2 has a superb fire rating of Euroclass A2, meaning it will not contribute to fire and far outperforms most other insulation boards.

We advise using alkali-resistant mesh embedded in the basecoat render to minimise the potential of cracking where separate boards butt together.

In addition, CELENIT L3AB/A2 is PEFC™ certified.


For internal and external use.

If for internal use, ensure Celenit N boards are placed within the room planned for installation a few days in advance so that the boards can adapt to the temperature and humidity. Avoid sudden temperature increases just after the application of the boards. See our helpful CELENIT L3AB/A2 Insulation Board Application Guide for detailed application guidance.

We recommend pairing CELENIT L3AB/A2 boards with Cornerstone Insulating Render, applied at 10mm with a polypropylene mesh embedded into this coat. If applying a plaster finish over this coat, we recommend CLM66 Premium Lime Putty Plaster or Cornerstone Promix Superfine Plaster. Apply while Cornerstone Insulating Render is still green, typically the next day, with the base coat hard to the touch.

Alternatively, you could use CLM35 Premixed Lime Putty Plaster or Cornerstone Promix Medium for the basecoat and CLM66 Premium Lime Plaster for the skim coat.

If a site mix is preferred, then Cornish Lime Mature Putty or St. Astier NHL2 or 3.5 and suitable sands can be used. For additional information or guidance, please get in touch.

For external use, we recommend pairing CELENIT L3AB/A2 boards with Cornerstone Newbuild Render, which offers the main benefits of lime, including vapour permeability and high flexibility, but with increased durability compared to standard lime mortars. If using Cornerstone Newbuild, we recommend using the Newbuild Medium for all coats.

Alternatively, the Cornerstone Promix Medium can be used for the base and float coat, followed by Promix Medium or Promix Fine for the finish.

If a site mix render is preferred, then either St. Astier Tradiblanc or St. Astier NHL3.5 and suitable sands can be used. For additional information or guidance, please get in touch.

Each project is unique, always seek professional advice before undertaking a project.

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