Beeck Quartz Filler

Quartz Filler is designed to fill surface imperfections, hairline cracks and level uneven surfaces and can act as a coating to improve the durability of a background by forming a chemical bond with it.


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Beeck Quartz Filler is design to fill surface imperfections and defects such as hairline cracking and has the ability to level uneven surfaces. As a slurry coating Quartz Filler offers a fully active chemical bond to mineral surfaces, which immediately improves the durability of the underlying layer.

Quartz Filler is commonly applied prior to Beeck Mineral paints, both internally and externally. It can be applied to lime plaster and render, cement and concrete. Quartz Filler still offers all of the benefits expected from Beeck mineral paints, including superb durability, longevity and manufactured using natural ingredients with a much lower VOC content than conventional paints.

If used externally Quartz Filler can only be used as an intermediate coat and requires overcoating with either Beeckosil or Rensoil.

Area of Use

Quartz Filler can be used internally or externally.

Used In Conjunction With

For Use With: Beeck Internal & External Paints. Use Beeck Fixative to thin the Quartz Filler and to prime absorbent mineral backgrounds.

  • Beeck Fixative
    Primer and consolidator for mineral surfaces prior to applying Beeck silicate paints. Fixative ca...

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