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Beeck Fixative

Primer and consolidator for mineral surfaces prior to applying Beeck silicate paints. Fixative can also be used to thin certain Beeck Paints.



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Fixative is the key component to any mineral silicate paint, Fixative is the binder that enables the chemical bond between paint and surface and it is the base component for all Beeck mineral paints.

Beeck Fixative has three primary uses. Firstly it is used as a priming coat for any porous mineral surfaces, such as lime render and lime plaster. When using Fixative as a primer you need to use a dilution of 1 part Fixative to 2 parts water. Fixative, due to to its chemical reaction, can be applied as a consolidant/stabliser. When applied to a crumbling mineral surface, Fixative will bind with the available silica that is present, which in turn can prevent further deterioration to the surface. It is commonly used over lime plaster and pointing to prevent dusting. When using it to consolidate you need to use a dilution of 1 part Fixative to 2 parts water.

Fixative is also used to thin any Beeck ASF paint, to enable an easier application and ensuring a stronger chemical bond between paint and surface.

Area of Use

Can be applied internally and externally.

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