Cornish Lime manufacture an extensive range of Lime products, as well as serving as the regional distributor for St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes and national distributor for Prompt Natural Cement and Beeck Mineral Paints. Cornish Lime also stock a comprehensive range of often obscure or hard to get associated building conservation products and tools, as well as the largest range of stock and blended sands and decorative aggregates and chippings from across the country.

Product Categories

With a reputable trade background in the care and repair of old buildings and a 25 year pedigree, Cornish Lime are the largest manufacturer and supplier of Lime products in the country. Our products have been tried and tested on countless projects. Please get in touch for more information on any of our products or services.

  • Lime Binders

    Lime Binders

    High quality natural and non-hydraulic lime binders for creating lime mortars, including Lime Putty, St. Astier NHL, Quicklime and Prompt Natural Cement.

  • Lime Mortars

    Lime Mortars

    Premixed lime mortars, renders & plasters supplied ready to use or in powdered form, including Premixed Putty Mortars and Cornerstone Mortars.

  • Sands & Aggregates

    Sands & Aggregates

    Sands selected for their mortar properties, colours and textures and the largest collection of decorative aggregates in the South West.

  • Breathable Paints

    Breathable Paints

    Breathable paints for both historic and contemporary construction, including Beeck Mineral Paints, Earthborn Clay Paints, Lime Paints and Limewashes.

  • Associated Products

    Associated Products

    Hessian, mesh, lath, bricks, mortar additions, paint strippers and other auxiliary products.

  • Tools


    Explore our range of tools and PPE, including all the essential tools for lime pointing, rendering, plastering or painting.

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