Insulating Render Product Launched

We have launched a new product under the Cornerstone brand called Insulating Render.  Insulating Render can be applied to virtually any internal surface and can be applied at 25mm per coat making it a much quicker application than conventional lime mortar/plaster.  It has a K value of 0.12 which means increased insulating properties; for every 1mm of Insulating Render applied you improve the U Value by over 1%.

Cornerstone Insulating Render is designed to improve the thermal performance of solid walled masonry, whilst maintaining the high vapour permeability and low strength of an NHL2 render. Insulating Render offers a viable solution for Part L1B legislation in that it meets the requirements for improving the thermal performance of a wall, whilst maintaining a permeable fabric which absorbs and readily allows for the evaporation of moisture and will not prejudice the character of the host building or increase the risk of long-term deterioration of the building fabric or fittings. With a measured K Value of 0.12, Insulating Render significantly outperforms similar systems both in terms of performance and cost. A 50mm application will improve the U value of a solid wall by 50% or more, significantly reducing heat loss.

Most available lightweight/insulating materials use aggregates that have a two-dimensional structure, when these are subject to pressure during application the aggregate can breakdown, reducing both the thermal performance and durability of the mortar. Cornerstone Insulating Render uses a specialist recycled ultra-lightweight hardened aggregate with a three-dimensional structure, which does not breakdown under application and improves both the durability and insulating properties of the render.

Fibre additions improve the flexural strength of the render, distributing stresses across the render to help reduce point loading, and negate the need for any mesh to be applied to the wall or inserted within the render. Insulating Render can also be used in sustainable construction projects as a basecoat onto natural building materials such as hemp, straw and rammed earth. The insulating properties help reduce the thermal expansion differentials between the background and any subsequent coatings.

For more information on our Insulating Render visit the product page.