Beeck Insil Discontinued

We will no longer be supplying Beeck Insil to customers and will instead offer Beeck Maxil Pro as an alternative. Over the last few years Maxil Pro has had a huge improvement in quality while being reduced in price while also being much simpler and easier to apply. This has made Insil practically obsolete and we will be discontinuing the range.

Maxil Pro is available in the same range of colours as Insil and a wider range of ‘deeper’ colours. If you have previously ordered Insil from us, then you can order the same colour in Maxil Pro, which can be painted straight onto Insil to touch up sections or match a colour.

Maxil Pro is also available in a premixed range of 20 colours available for collection or delivery straight away.

Please get in touch with Adam on 01208 79779 if you have any questions.

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