Beeck Mineral Silicate Paints

Beeck have been manufacturing mineral silicate paints for over 125 years. Unlike modern coatings, Beeck paints do not form a film over the substrate; they form a direct and inseparable chemical bond to the substrate. Due to this chemical bond a highly stable and lightfast coating is achieved. This process results in a long-lasting durable finish that can over coated numerous times, making maintenance simple, efficient and extremely economic.

Beeck paints are vapour permeable making them suitable for historic as well as contemporary construction. Beeck are the only manufacturer of mineral based paints to offer Active Silicification Formula (A.S.F) paints, this means that the paint achieves a 100% bond with the substrate and is unsurpassed in terms of durability, even in the most exposed conditions, with application references in Germany achieving over 100 years.

Beeck produce a wide range of primers and preparation products, as well as both internal and external paints systems, suitable for both historic and modern construction types and available in a wide range of colours.