Cornish Lime is proud to offer first rate assistance in selecting suitable materials and supporting those products with as much in-depth technical information as possible. It is this kind of service that has placed us in the vanguard of conservation materials supply. With a reputable trade background in the care and repair of old buildings and a comprehensive understanding of historic building fabrics, our knowledge base is practical and one that we strive to develop for the benefit of our customers.

Latest Articles

Our articles are written to help you understand why and how to work with lime. Our knowledge is based on practical experience and we strive to continue to develop it for the benefit of our customers.

What defines a period property? We explore the definition, key cultural periods and architectural features that continue to capture our attention.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting started, this handy glossary can help you navigate the labyrinth of lime-related terminology.

Discover the historic use of lime in ten remarkable buildings and landmarks, from the limestone blocks of Greece to the mortars of New Orleans.

Working in temperatures over 20°C can make working with lime challenging. Learn our top tips for tackling any challenges with summer work.

Lime or cement mortar? Learn the distinctions between these construction materials and a few identifying markers for each.

Working with lime in the winter? Learn more about preparation, the risk of frost damage, how to protect your fresh lime mortar and more.

Need to clean stone masonry, render or brick? Find out more about cleaning methods to consider, things to avoid & tips to get successful results.

Learn the ins and outs of enhancing insulation in solid-walled buildings and things to consider for better moisture management and thermal comfort.

Application Guides

Clear guides from experts explaining a vast range of application processes. We have created these application guides to give you general principals and good practice when working with Lime and related materials.

Learn how to install CELENIT L3AB/A2 Insulation Boards with this handy step-by-step guide, including tips for selecting a suitable lime render or plaster.

Find out more about lime rendering cob walls, including best practices, preparation, material selection & applying the bonding, scratch & float coat.

Learn how to apply Beeck Maxil Pro with our step-by-step guide covering background preparation, primer, basecoat and topcoat.

Learn how to apply Beeck Renosil in a 2-stage or 4-stage system, plus tips and insights for a long-lasting exterior finish.

Learn the 4-stage system, best practices, and tips for applying the Beeckosil System effectively for a long-lasting exterior finish.

Learn how to successfully point stone masonry and brickwork, including choosing a suitable lime mortar, application, aftercare and what to avoid.

Find out how to apply a three coat lime render, including preparation, choosing a mortar, scoring or scratching & guidance on how to avoid issues.

Learn how and why to add hair or fibres to a lime mortar or render for additional reinforcement and improved tensile strength.