Cornish Lime is proud to offer first rate assistance in selecting suitable materials and supporting those products with as much in-depth technical information as possible. It is this kind of service that has placed us in the vanguard of conservation materials supply. With a reputable trade background in the care and repair of old buildings and a comprehensive understanding of historic building fabrics, our knowledge base is practical and one that we strive to develop for the benefit of our customers.

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    Our articles are written to help you understand why and how to work with lime. Our knowledge is based on practical experience and we strive to continue to develop it for the benefit of our customers.

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  • An older building that has been insulated

    Insulating Older Buildings

    Historic buildings were typically built using materials to hand, with solid walls of stone or ...

  • Portreath Huers Hut painted with Beeck Mineral Paints

    Why Use Beeck Mineral Paint

    Beeck paints are fully vapour permeable, environmentally friendly, have low VOC’s and ar...

  • Hot Mixed Mortars

    ‘Hot mix’, ‘hot limes’ and ‘hot-mixed mortars’ are lime mortars consisting of quicklime, water...

  • Beecks Building 4

    What Are Mineral Paints

    A technical guide looking at the science and credentials of mineral paints examining the diffe...

  • Lime for Contemporary Construction

    The benefits of using lime to create a vapour open construction are well known for historic so...

  • St Michael's Mount

    About Cornerstone Mortars

    Cornerstone is our brand new range of dry, ready mixed natural hydraulic lime mortars, renders...

  • Portloe Chapel painted with Beeck Mineral Paint

    Breathable Paints Explained

    This article explains what exactly constitutes a breathable paint and where these paints can b...