Philosophy of the Cornish Lime Company

At the "Cornish Lime Company", we endeavour to provide our customers with first rate products, services and information on a wide range of materials and products. We also strive to promote the many 'alternative' materials that are available.

We regard ourselves as pragmatic without compromise and will pass this on to our customers in what we believe to be the most appropriate or suitable manner.

The main message we need to get across is that anything built with lime should be repaired with lime, using Lime Putty or Lime Mortars. The argument that it is too expensive will never hold water in our opinion. In fact, we would advocate that no intervention at all would often be better for an old building, than to use sand and cement.

Whilst Non-Hydraulic Lime is the mother of all mortars, sadly it is not the same today as that produced in the days of coal fired kilns and sailing ships. We do not hanker for these ways or methods to return. We simply recognise the solutions offered by the alternatives and know only too well that one sort doesn't fit all.

Most important of all is that we must all maintain buildings better than we have in the recent past. You may be interested to read A Stitch in Time published by the IHBC.

I hope that this web site will be of use to you or your colleagues and Cornish Lime will always be happy to take any enquiries regarding this subject so please do Contact Us if you need advice or assistance regarding your project.

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