We often supply building materials directly to homeowners for projects ranging from minor repair to full renovations. Not every tradesperson is fully aware of the importances and benefits of using lime on both old and new buildings so lots of our customers source their own materials or get involved in the specification process. We’ve collected some guides to help get you started if you’re unfamiliar with Lime and some useful links which you might find relevent.

Dive into the science behind breathable paint and discover how it can benefit historic solid-walled, and contemporary buildings.

Find out more about curing lime renders & mortars, including why curing & protection is important & how to avoid common issues which can arise.

Gain insights into lime’s rich history, classifications, numerous benefits, and versatility in building conservation and restoration projects.

Are you looking to paint an older house? Find out more about what to consider, the types of paint available and how to avoid common issues.