We often supply building materials directly to homeowners for projects ranging from minor repair to full renovations. Not every tradesperson is fully aware of the importances and benefits of using lime on both old and new buildings so lots of our customers source their own materials or get involved in the specification process. We’ve collected some guides to help get you started if you’re unfamiliar with Lime and some useful links which you might find relevent.

  • Breathable Paints Explained
    This article explains what exactly constitutes a breathable paint and where these paints can be used.
  • Curing Lime Renders & Mortars
    After a Lime Render has been placed it must be allowed time to to cure/fully hydrate before it acquires strength and hardness.Curing is the process of keeping the mortar/render under a specific environmental condition until hydration is relatively complete.
  • Lime in Building
    The use of building limes have increased considerably in recent years and for very good reason; these relatively simple materials are essential to the structural welfare of historic buildings, a fact that has not escaped our attention whilst working with these materials over the last twenty five years or so.
  • An introduction to Decorating Old Buildings by Chris Counsell Msci
    Paints have been an important part of human life since the very beginnings of civilization with cave paintings being used for education and decoration as long as 40,000 years ago. Since the development of sophisticated construction techniques, such as the use of lime in the last 6000 years, paint has also been used to try and protect and preserve these buildings.