Wood wool boards

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Is it possible to get a wood wool board that has been mineralised/binded with lime as opposed to cement. I want to use wood wool boards in conjunction with hempcrete external walls so I want it as environmentally friendly as possible.

John Answered question January 15, 2021
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Hi John We have used woodwool boards (cement) on our TF extension on our random rubble building conversion. Beware! We are using Savolit boards, screwed to wood battens at 600 centres, in turn screwed through sarking boards to timber frame. We decided to ignore manufacturers recommendation to fix rectangular boards horizontally and fixed vertically – don’t ask! We used a scratch coat and top coat about 16/20mm total thickness. It cracked big-time😂. Main cracks were along line of vertical battens which probably wouldn’t have happened if boards fitted correctly. However after a few weeks cracks also appeared horizontally along board joints. At this stage we found out we should have used a fibreglass mesh between render layers. We had to remove the latest rendered mortar on one part of buildings for other reasons so had the opportunity to start again. It still cracked although only very fine hairline cracks in both directions but still along board joint lines. We can live with them. Lime wash in due course will hopefully completely disguise them. Anybody have experience of filling render cracks up to 3 mms wide. Although cracked the mortar is very strongly adhered to the render boards so we want to avoid having to remove it. We are pretty sure the cracking is mainly due to boards being mounted on a timber frame which got very wet for extended periods before being covered. We think the drying timber shrunk a lot .

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Thank you for getting in touch.  Unfortunately wood wool boards mineralised by lime are not available. The main issues with using lime for this process are that as lime is weaker than cement so you do not have the same strength within the board. Also due to the much slower curing of lime the boards would need significantly longer to cure which would greatly impact the price, this would also require considerable storage space with the correct environment to help the boards cure, when this is factored in the environmental impact would be greater than using cement.  Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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