Waterproof tanking

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I have an old brick Cattle watering tank on my land. Dimensions 4x1x1m

It was previously patched with cement, which has now blown out. I plain to knock the cement off, and re-point  the bricks with lime mortar.

I’d like to use the tank as a dipping pool/garden-water storage tank, so I’m planning to seal the inside with natural Prompt cement.

Should I mix the Prompt with sand as well as water to form a good spreading render?

Any advice welcome.

Justine Changed status to publish May 25, 2021

Hi, thanks for getting in touch.   We would suggest that you mix 1 part Prompt to 1 part Sand or 2 parts Prompt to 1 part sand to create a waterproof material.  You willl need to add a cap full of tempo per mix to help slow the set.  For mixing purposes start by mixing water with sand and tempo, the introduce Prompt to the mix.  I hope that helps.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help further.

Justine Changed status to publish May 25, 2021
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