Stipple paint on lime plaster

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I am living in a 150 year old stone built farm house in perranporth.
The plasterwork seems to be lath and plaster.

in most of the property the previous owners have unfortunately painted the walls with stipple paint.. in some places this has multiple coats and sometimes straight over wallpaper and sometimes not.

the plaster work underneath has cracks in places that are visible through all of this madness.

I’d like to go about restoring the home to a more traditional finish. I’m unsure of how to start.

one room was just wallpapered in wood chip. This has been stripped but I have used bonding to fill some large areas of damage around the windows. I’m starting to realise now that this was probably not the right thing to do

Cornish Lime Changed status to publish January 17, 2022

Thank you for getting in touch.

It’s difficult for us to state where you’d be best starting but if you wanted to send through some photographs this would be helpful so we can look and advise accordingly.  You can send them to

Once you have removed any damaged or failing coats you can look to repair or replace anything necessary in more traditional or appropriate products.

You will find information on our website here:

And a link to our courses here:

Alternatively please feel free to call us on 01208 79779



Cornish Lime Changed status to publish January 17, 2022
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