Sealing Stone Wall after Lime Mortar

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We have had the external walls of our Cornish stone house re-pointed with Lime Mortar (still ongoing), do the walls need sealing after the mortar has cured?  We live in St Austell – lots of salt in the air and clay dust around from nearby Clay pits.

Aaron Cirullo Asked question July 23, 2022

Thanks for your enquiry.
No, the walls shouldn’t be sealed with anything after the mortar has cured as this will stop any breathability.  If you wanted to retain the aesthetic of the stonework and pointing but protect from the weather you could apply our Beeck S P Plus which is a highly breathable water repellent solution that is clear.   It beads off water that hits it on a vertical surface – you can read more here:  and here:
Alternatively painting with a system such as the Beeck Mineral Paint system would also offer protection to the mortar and stonework.
Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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