Hi. I am slowly repointing my external walls with lime mortar. Walls are mostly brick with some stone areas. I\’ve had a lot of success where the cement mortar has been deep, so I\’ve been able to fairly easily remove and replace it. Some of the walls, however have been \’buttered\’ with a thin cement skim. The lime underneath is very sound and I don\’t want to remove it, in most places this leaves the lime mortar surface only a few mm shy of the brick surface. My question is, do I(a) put a thin skim of fresh lime over the existing lime to bring it level with brick surface – would this even work or stay attached?? (b) dig out the sound lime and repoint properly, which will be far more work and money and remove sound pointing (c) just remove the cement and leave the pointing shy of the brick for now?


Anonymous Answered question April 11, 2023