Repairing lime rendering

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Hello, We have a listed cottage in Suffolk. The exterior was finished with your Mature Lime Putty (we still have about half a bucket that was left to us). I suspect we will need more. It has suffered some weather damage and needs maintenance. (We do have an image, but have been unable to upload it onto this form.  We would like to do the repairs ourselves if at all possible. Is there a tutorial that we could watch, or can you please give us some guidance on how to go about it? In addition, we have the powdered pigment that was used on the house. Is that applied as a wash to the finished putty or mixed into the putty for application? We have moderate skills and have done some plastering work, but never worked with this medium. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Best, Tim and Eileen Tordoff

emtordoff54 Asked question June 30, 2020
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