Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding some work I’m undertaking to the lime render on my timber-framed cottage (listed building):

  • The previous owner applied a coat of paint to the render which was either not properly fixed or the wrong product. The paint is now flaking away in places. I’m using a plastic plastic paint scraper to remove as much as I can, but that’ll only work up to a point. What’s the best way to remove the entire coat? Sandpaper? Some kind of solvent?
  • I need to make some minor repairs to the render. What’s the best / correct product? Lime putty? Putter mortar? Or something else?
  • The surface of the render beneath the paint layer is powdery. When the time comes to repaint, should I use a fixative? Which of the Beeck paints should I be using?

Many thanks,


Mark Answered question August 18, 2022