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I’ve stripped some gypsum plaster off the walls of our granite cottage to find that half of the walls are granite, half are a cob construction of some kind. I’ve repainted another wall in the house with your pre mixed lime mortar. My question is: can I use this product to both repoint between the granite and as a render on top of the cob walls? I can send you an image if you like but your website wouldn’t allow me to upload it.

Justine Changed status to publish December 18, 2019

Hi Stuart, we’ve checked back on our database to see which products you’ve ordered.  The CLM28 that you’ve bought is suitable for both pointing and base-coat rendering.  If you wanted a smoother finish you could then use our CLM66 as a topcoat.  You can see the product here:
Here is the guide to three coat rendering for your information:
Please get in touch if we can be of further help.

Justine Changed status to publish December 18, 2019
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