Hi we have just purchased a property of traditional construction. The pointing is mostly cement in place. There is a lot of loose cement and the house survey recommends that we repoint with a lime mortar as and when the pointing becomes loose. I have uploaded some pictures to give an idea of the stone and current cement mortar. I intend to repoint with lime as and when cement becomes loose. Can anyone recommend a suitable lime product? I’m thinking one that is a little in keeping with the cement currently there so the lime doesn’t stand out too much? Someone mentioned they use CLM 28 (coarse) and 35 (fine) .

Also it has been recommended to use a breathable paint. The current walls, and ceilings etc are traditional Laff and plaster. Everything is currently yellow so that needs to change. I have no idea if the current paint is a modern non breathable paint. There is no current damp. Therefore can you recommend a breathable paint range that would be suitable to paint over modern paint? I really don’t want to have to sand back!

Thanks mark 😊

markcajajones Asked question April 5, 2022