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could you advise what product I would need to buy for completing my repair?

I’m removing the brick and slate parts to replace with stone.

I’ve attached a picture

Cornish Lime Changed status to publish August 2, 2022

Thanks for getting in touch.

If rendering/plastering over you could use our Walling Mortar – here’s a link to the product:

Walling Mortar

If you’re not looking to cover you could use either our CLD28 or our CLM28 which will both give a buff/biscuit colour and are made with our CLS28 sand.  The CLM28 is made from lime putty and sand and is supplied as a wet product in a plastic bag, the CLD28 is pre-blended with sand and hydraulic lime and is a “just add water” product.

Please let us know if we can be of further help.


Cornish Lime Posted new comment August 2, 2022

I will not be rendering afterwards, I do want to clean and repoint the entire wall though.

Either the CLM28 or CLD28 would be appropriate for you. Here’s a link to our pointing guide:

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