Preparing dusty stone wall for limewash

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I’m in the process of stripping paint from old (red) stone walls in our Victorian cellar. The paint is coming off very easily but a lot of the stone underneath is very soft/dusty and some even coming off with the paint. I was ultimately looking to limewash the walls to maintain ‘breathability’ but wonder whether I need to undercoat with something first?

Justine Changed status to publish January 4, 2021

Thank you for getting in touch.

As your walls are soft and dusty we would suggest that you used our Fixative primer as a stabiliser although we would strongly recommend that you did a test patch in the first instance.  Fixative will help to consolidate the background.  We would also then suggest that you repaint with two coats of our Beeck Maxil Pro which offers excellent durabiliy as well as a high level of vapour permeability.
Please see links to the products and data on our website:

Beeck Fixative

Beeck Maxil Pro

Please let us know if you needed any further assistance.

Justine Changed status to publish January 4, 2021
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