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We have a Victorian house brick house with no cavities in the walls. The house is on a hill and the ground floor is part basement. We’ve had a damp specialist tank and re plaster the walls due to penetrating damp.
Would limewash be a good paint to use to paint? The tanking should stop any more moisture coming through now. We do also suffer with some internal condensation problems from drying clothes etc so have a dehumidifier to help. This tends to be less of a problem in the living room as we dry clothes upstairs.

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Hi Simon 

Are you able to tell me what the walls have been plastered with? As this will determine the type of paint that can be used. 

I know you have said that the walls have been tanked and tanking can be prone sweating, in this sense if the plaster allows this moisture to escape, a breathable paint will also be a viable option to further this process.

Cornish Lime Changed status to publish July 9, 2018
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