Painting of random stone wall, inside and out

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Some of the walls of The Old Jail House at Kenton are of random stone with irregular finish both inside and out. They have previously been painted with modern paints witch is flaking. Without a flat surface it is difficult to clear but I will try blasting it off using pressure hose. If some old paint remains is there any point in applying breathable paint with later reapplication?
Which paint would be appropriate for this stone wall , in and out? Where can I buy it. My post code is EX6 8JG. Will be most grateful for advice.

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Good Morning 

In regards to your question we would still say that a breathable paint is important. Given that you have some of the paint already flaking, this is a sure sign that moisture is being held behind the existing paint coating and hydraulic pressure if forcing it from the surface. It is a very common problem and how to tackle it will ultimately come down to how much time you have available. Whilst we would always advise that all of the existing paint is removed, in most instances this is extremely difficult to achieve, not to mention time consuming and costly. We would recommend that you try and remove as much as reasonably possible, concentrating on the mortar joints as this is were the majority of the moisture can be released (mortar joint = evaporation zone). If the majority of the overall surface area can breathe this should help manage the moisture within the wall and offer it a means of escape. 

The Beeck Renosil has been designed predominately for the type of application you have, it will chemically bind to both the bare masonry as well as the existing paint, offering a breathable finish were the background allows it, combined with a hard wearing and durable paint finish that protects the historic fabric as well as the existing paint coating on the surface. 

The Renosil system for your application would require 1 base coat of Renosil coarse, followed by 1 top coat of Renosil fine. 

We are likely your closest stockists and you can purchase the paint directly from our website or order over the phone on 01208 79779. 

If you have any questions on how the paint system works or would like us to produce a quote for specific materials costs please give us a call.

Cornish Lime Changed status to publish July 9, 2018
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